Everyone should love life for life not the materials gained we can share our materials with who is real with us

War On The Horizon

Sometimes theres nothing to do ,but handle everyday like it comes but one thing should never change is the love you have for someone

I know what kind of world this is so I tend to not give a fuck about the things you cry about, the real question is do you know why

We can build or become closer to God when Women and Men honor each other.
I don’t mean honor the physical I mean the spiritual and Mental.

Either I’ll tell the truth or I don’t say anything
Niggas Just be lying to try get a head I learned along time ago fake love kills and men don’t play games because your handling business
We travel to have fun, by the property that my envious people live on so they pay me to talk shit lol #levels
Everyone born in the 90`s should visit a least 3 other continents
One Love

I want you to go places and see the world never stay stuck in one spot

1, no body owns anybody man or woman
2. Women who think they own something 9 out of 10 she don’t own the apartment she live in for 5 years

3. men who think they own something don’t even have the drive to own they were raised like women so the only thing they own is what they take from women

4. Fuck you, who think some one is going to Save God sent You

I prefer brains over body because you can shape a body but it’s hard as he’ll to help shape a mind




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